Seasoncard Waiting List

  • Secure your place on the Waiting List with a deposit of just £100 per person.

  • Choose to pay your deposit with four monthly instalments of £25*, or as a one-off payment.

  • Your £100 deposit will be deducted in full from the price of your Seasoncard when you purchase.

  • You will be offered a seat based on your place on the Waiting List. The sooner you join the Waiting List, the higher your priority.

* We reserve the right to withdraw the instalment plan.

As the team grows, our fanbase grows and our home has to grow. The Seasoncard Waiting List is a chronologically ordered list of supporters who want to purchase a Seasoncard at the Etihad Stadium.

Any supporter can join the Seasoncard Waiting List.

If an existing Seasoncard holder wishes to relocate their current Seasoncards without adding any new seats there is no need to take any action at this stage.

Gift Box

The Seasoncard Waiting List can also be purchased as a Gift, with or without the addition of a scarf. Just supply the details of the person you are purchasing it for, and we will send you the gift box.

Simply select your preferred option when purchasing.

For more information and full terms and conditions click here